About Me

Introvert at times and extrovert when situation needs me to be. One body with thoughts in her mind 24/7 from the smallest matters to the biggest one. Believe me you don't even want to take a peek inside it! 

A young mother with flaws and hoped to be the best that she can be for her son. I learn by nature and from other moms as well and yes I found "Motherhood" is the most wonderful stage in my life. Hop up in #AliahMotherhoodJourney at my Instagram (@aliahathirahmazli).

I share and write for self-satisfaction as that what makes me feel alive--writing. As well as I hoped to feel connected with other people. Let's share positive vibes and share beautiful things together. 

After all, we are human and humans like anything that pleases their hearts and mind. 

Yours truly,
Bonda Purnama.